Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian-accidentPedestrian accidents can be devastating. As a pedestrian, you are one of the most vulnerable people on the road. Being hit by a moving vehicle can be terrifying for an innocent pedestrian – and at worst, it can be fatal.

People of all ages can be injured in a pedestrian accident, however, school age children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. Over one-third of pedestrian-related collisions happen when children are leaving school and walking home. Many times the collision is caused by a careless driver who ignores traffic signals or overlooks the pedestrian entirely.

Number of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles.
Koreatown shows 407 pedestrian accidents resulted in 11 deaths at 29 intersections.
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Using data collected from reports that law enforcement agencies sent to the California Highway Patrol, The Times analyzed data and reports that pedestrians were involved in 1 in 10 traffic accidents in Los Angeles and represented more than 35% of road deaths. Many intersections were clustered in dense neighborhoods such as downtown Los Angeles and Koreatown.

Pedestrian injury cases are not as easy as they might seem. However, there are laws that protect injured pedestrians. Working with n experienced pedestrian accident lawyer is essential.

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